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-súkromné glamour/artnude foto
-biznis portréty
-svadba (400-1200 €)
-reklamné fotenie

S úctou Majo Jurčík



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Welcome to my site.

It is my pleasure, when people from all around the world visit my web.

Majo Jurčík born in 1987 is a Slovakian Fine Art and Commercial photographer inspired by sensual women from Central Europe. Loving when naturality, sensuality and perfection are connected. His projects are mainly about tasteful fineart nude, timeless connection nature and woman’s body. Sometimes even provocative sophisticated style and also agility projects. He started his career in 2010, after being Graduated in Multimedia Technology, that year he has been included in Prague Photo Exhibition “The Best Nude of the Year”. After that he quickly has collected a number of publications in magazines, calendars, Fashion and Music clients and now his photographs are prized by many private collectors worldwide.


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Phone: +421 910 184 197

instagram: majojurcik